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This site is dedicated to helping you become a more proficient Flyfisher.  Even if you have never flyfished before, we will help you learn the skills and techniques to catching your first fish on a fly.  If you are an experienced angler, there are still tricks to learn and we can help you with that as well.

Ok, let's get to it. We will take the mystery out of casting a fly, rod and line set up for different techniques and perhaps, most importantly, fly selection.  

If you look through the site, you will see the first 7 flies offered for sale.  When you first encounter a lake in the spring, start with the first fly (Product 001), a really good small brown chironomid.  Use this fly until it stops working.  Then go to Product 002.  Use it until it stops working, and then on to product 003 and so on.  By using this process you will have success.  Trust me, you will.  I have been refining this process for more than 40 years.  There are several reasons why this works.  We will get into that more later. 

-Gerry (aka Cohojo)


Meet Cohojo


 Founder of Catch More Fish, this guy is known for the most catchiest of flies, a hilarious sense of humor and an infectious positive personality.  Cohojo is always looking for ways to support healthy water and healthy fish and loves to promote the joy of fishing to 

people of all ages.

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Cohojo's Specialty Flies


Each one of Cohojo's speciatly flies is 

hand-crafted with carefully chosen materials and years of fishing experience.  Our products were developed in the lakes and rivers across British Columbia with versions for everything from coho salmon to rainbow trout. We believe in quality and loyalty to our customers and are available to answer all of your questions.  When you buy one of our products, you become part of a select group of anglers.  Welcome to the club.


Cohojo's Techniques


 Want to learn some of Cohojo's successful strategies?  Click below to read about some specialty 

fly fishing techniques.

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improve your skills.


Fish Tales


Click here to read about some great fish folk lore and Cohojo's ongoing crazy antics.  He looks like Santa but has the active imagination of a modern day Tom Sawyer.  Cohojo always seems to find adventure at every turn.  His storytelling is entertaining, engaging 

and full of humor. 


Meet Up for Coffee


Cohojo supports community connection.  Join him for coffee each week to share stories and connect with other people that love fishing.


Coffee meet ups to resume in the fall.

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Classes & Clinics


New to fly fishing?  Want to improve your skills?  Register for a class to learn more about fly fishing and casting.

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